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With 25 years of experience beautifying properties in the GTA, Land-Con has won various awards that are recognized industry-wide.

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Does the idea of owning a pool sound appealing to you? All you need is the assistance of the experts to design and build a swimming pool! This is where Land-Con, a leading swimming pool installation company in Toronto, comes into the picture! With over 25 years of experience and a team of certified professionals, we can help you install a spectacular swimming pool. Our service regions include Toronto, Markham, Vaughan, Richmond Hill and the surrounding GTA.

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Toronto Swimming Pool Design and Build

Expertise in Swimming Pool Installation Across Toronto

A swimming pool is a luxury everyone loves to have in their homes. It’s a dream that every homeowner cherishes. Apart from being a ground for physical exercise, a pool serves different purposes. From just swimming to relaxing on a summer afternoon, a pool serves all your needs. With the idea of ‘staycation’ getting popular as a trend, pools are a must-have in every home. Do you have a big area of backyard space lying empty? Our experts offer comprehensive services for swimming pools in Toronto and the surrounding regions. We will transform your outdoor space into a fantastic escape where you and your family can relax and have fun.

We do not just provide quality pool construction services, but we also offer our expert yard designing advice which gives a new look to your yard space. Based on the space available, your budget, landscape, and your requirements, Land-Con experts will suggest the best possible design to remodel your space that was once unused and empty.

Giving Style and Relaxation a New Definition

Presenting pools hand-made for your needs, Land-Con specializes in designing and building dream swimming pools in Toronto. Experts in different aspects of swimming pools, we also provide landscaping services around your pool. Whether you just wish to renovate your pool and the surrounding area or want to landscape the space in your yard, our expertise is there for you.

From pool construction from scratch to pool refurbishment, you can rely on us for a gorgeous backyard space. Our professional pool installation services are in sync with the local regulations governing pool safety. While creating a pool design, our experts follow the strict guidelines laid down by the governing authorities. Our up-to-the-mark pool construction meets the industry standards.

Our Swimming Pool Design Portfolio Says It All

Visit our portfolio section to look at some of the most astonishing pool areas we designed. The designs and construction, accomplished with perfection, will only leave you amazed.

One of the Most Trusted Swimming Pool Companies

We have served many clients for 25 years and created the most awe-inspiring pool designs. Our experience helps us in giving great cues for creating exciting pool designs. Following an aptly laid seven-step process for accomplishing pool construction, our experts create a picturesque landscape which rightly meets your expectations. Our efforts lead you to a backyard space you will love to flaunt in front of your visitors.

We strive to create a thoughtfully designed beautiful space with our swimming pool installation so you can enjoy it with your family and friends. Our experience has helped us enhance our expertise and deliver exceptional results with each project we undertake. We have an expert team to ensure you get your dream pool designed within your budget. This makes us one of the leading swimming pool builders in Toronto.

Whether it is building vinyl pools or concrete ones, we have mastered them all. Our experts first suggest the type of pool you must go for after studying your requirements and considering your budget. Then they proceed towards construction. With professionalism and excellence, our experts accomplish the task in a timely fashion.

Flexibility-Key to Our Success

Providing convenience and comfort to our clients is our number one goal. Whether it is about changing the pool design at any stage of construction or our pool maintenance service, we offer flexibility. We frame our services as per the demand of our customers. Our flexible pool maintenance packages will certainly fit your needs. And if not, we will develop a customized package for you so that you can get your pool serviced as per your need.

We make sure that this investment not only lets you enjoy the backyard space and elevates the overall value of your property.

We provide you with an all-encompassing backyard solution which you will cherish for years.

Our Expertise in Swimming Pools

  • Swimming Pool Design

Previously, swimming pools were indistinguishable. However, times and preferences have changed with advancements in technology. These days, property owners prefer swimming pools that look like a piece of artwork and are highly functional. As one of the popular pool companies in Toronto, we have the resources to meet varied needs. We can consolidate various materials and come up with beautiful pool designs that do not compromise functionality. We will listen to your requirements and recommend the best ideas with trending features and configurations.

  • Pool Construction

We all tend to invest a significant amount of time outside and capitalize on our open-air space for relaxation and enjoyment. A pool in the garden can be an astounding way to get more from the space where you and your family and companions can unwind and have a gala together. With this relaxation and pleasure comes genuinely massive speculation that you need to consider while making the right decisions amid the planning period of the pool construction.

  • Pool Installation

With gigantic endeavours, for example, fabricating a pool or pool installation, you pay for what you get, and this process offers an extensive measure of critical tranquillity. Go through each phase of pool installation. When planning and building your specific pool, ensure you know your requirements and specifications. Understanding what’s in store next takes much of the procedure’s stress.

  • Pool Maintenance

There are likely a couple of areas for improvement in maintaining your pool. There is no single perfect way to deal with the upkeep of your pool. You need to devote specific time to keep the pool in usable condition. The issue with pool proprietorship and support is that the endeavours are perpetual. There is persistently something that you should likely do to your pool. In any case, there is an excellent measure of time in the day to finish everything.

Landscaping for Swimming Pools in Toronto and the GTA

A much-arranged yard incorporating a fresh out-of-the-box new home is a delightful sight. Not solely does it empower you to feel more at home, but it will deliver compliments from family and colleagues. However, they are emphatically not the main advantages landscaping gives. In any case, landscaping builds the estimation of your home.

Change the way you spend your summer afternoons! Contact our experts for any query about swimming pools in Toronto. We will help you design and create a dream backyard and ensure it is functional and provides comfort with style.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What types of pools do you specialize in designing and building?

    We specialize in designing and building a wide range of swimming pools in Toronto, including custom in-ground pools, freeform pools, lap pools, and spa pools. Our team has the expertise to create pools of various shapes and sizes to suit your specific needs and preferences.

    Can you assist with the landscape design around the pool area?

    Absolutely! We offer comprehensive landscape and pool design services to create a harmonious outdoor space. Our experts can integrate features like decks, patios, outdoor kitchens, and landscaping to complement your pool, making it a stunning focal point of your property.

    What is the warranty on your pool construction, and do you provide ongoing maintenance services?

    We stand behind the quality of our workmanship and materials. Our swimming pools in Toronto and other areas come with a comprehensive warranty to provide you with peace of mind. In addition, we offer ongoing maintenance services to ensure your pool remains in excellent condition, extending its lifespan and preserving its beauty.

    How do you ensure that the pool construction complies with Toronto's building codes and safety regulations?

    We are one of the long-established swimming pool builders well-versed in Toronto’s building codes and safety regulations for pool construction. Our team takes care of all the necessary permits and inspections to ensure that your pool project is compliant with local requirements. Safety is our top priority, and we take every step to ensure your pool is built to the highest standards.

    Can you incorporate energy-efficient features into the pool design to reduce operating costs and environmental impact?

    Yes, we are committed to sustainable pool solutions. We can incorporate energy-efficient equipment such as variable-speed pumps, LED lighting, and solar heating systems into your pool design. These features not only reduce your long-term operating costs but also minimize the environmental footprint of your pool, aligning with Toronto’s focus on eco-friendly practices.