Concrete Pool Construction

Concrete Pool Construction & Installation

Building Excellent Concrete Swimming Pools

If you are looking for backyard upgrades, a concrete inground pool is an ideal choice. Besides providing you with an incredible relaxation space, it also increases the value of your property. At Land-Con, we have a team of expert pool builders, engineers and designers for concrete pool construction and installation that is completely hassle-free.

Our Concrete Pool Construction & Installation Procedure

We follow a systematic approach to pool construction consisting of the following:

Step 1: Marking and excavating the area for concrete pool installation depending on the depth required.

Step 2: Installing plumbing and ensuring that there are no leaks.

Step 3: Installing a steel frame into the outline of the pool to ensure stability, and adding frames for pool stairs and other interior features.

Step 4: Creating the actual basin of the pool by spraying gunite on the steel frame.

Step 5: Adding finishing touches for a nice and smooth surface using tiles, paint, and marble.

Step 6: Installing the border or coping around the pool and decking material to complement it.

Step 7: Applying chemicals and testing the water for usage.

Why Should You Have a Concrete Swimming Pool?

Concrete is a durable material for a pool which is economic and offers freedom with respect to shape, size, layout, design, and depth of the pool. Additionally, it does not require much maintenance, and the sleek concrete surface is smooth to the touch.

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