Getting a cooling and relaxing time in the comfort of your home during summer afternoons is possible if you have a pool in your backyard.

Swimming pools in Toronto come in a variety of types and styles. When it comes to types of pools inground, above ground, indoor, lap, kiddie, recreational, infinity, and many others come to mind. However, when it comes to the design or style of pools in Toronto, the list goes on and on. With companies, in Toronto, offering custom-designed swimming pools, you can get the pool designed your way. When it comes to swimming pools, luxury is as important as comfort. An outdated pool design is deprived of some of the latest features that can be installed in your pool. Having a pool designed in a creative way helps you enhance the value of your property as it makes your place look more beautiful. Let’s look at the top 30 swimming pool designs.

Beach Like Walk in Pool

Beach Like Walk in Pool:

This pool design in Toronto resembles a beach in the sense that it gives gradual walk-in entry into the pool. Giving you a feeling of walking on a beach, this pool design comes with a gently sloping transition.

If you love beaches then go for this pool style. You can also go for the additional feature of creating waves to give it a real beach look.

Spool – Swimming Pool Plus Spa:

Those who love the feeling of a spa along with the pool can go for this type of swimming pool design in Toronto. You can get jets, lights, and a waterfall installed to give yourself a treat of spa. It is great for all the seasons.

With this design, spas can be integrated with your pool, raised, or detached. If you have an expansive backyard then a detached spa is the best option. A pool with a spa is a perfect idea of luxury.

Spool – Swimming Pool plus Spa
Shark Tank Swimming Pools

Shark Tank Swimming Pools:

Swimming with sharks- seems dangerous but fun! No, you are not supposed to swim with sharks and yet you will be! Confused? Shark Tank swimming pool incorporates a shark tank alongside your pool. Simply put, a shark tank would be surrounded by your pool. You can also replace the idea of sharks with fishes.

You can go for this Pool design in Toronto if you have loads of space and also the budget. It takes a lot of money to maintain the shark tank. So, those with no budget or space constraints can go for it.

Pool With an Odd Shape:

If you want a pool designed in your backyard it doesn’t always have to be very spacious. With limited space, you can go for pools with odd shapes to make the most of the available space.

The Irregular shape of the pool makes it look more attractive and unforgettable.

Pool With an Odd Shape
Nature-friendly pool

Nature-Friendly Pool:

By this I mean, a pool that resembles a pond in a natural habitat. With this swimming pool design, you can expect a number of landscape features surrounding the pool. Once you ask for this pool design in Toronto, you will get a pool that will look like a real lake or pond.

If you love nature and wish to swim in chemical-free water then these natural swimming pools are great for you. These pools are low on maintenance as they come with engineered, built-in biological filters to clean water.

Mediterranean Pool Design:

Rightly blending simplicity with sophistication, Mediterranean pools come with elegant shapes and interesting water features.

Based on Mediterranean architecture, they look impressive and exceptional with their rustic or Old World look.

Mediterranean Pool Design
Bath and Shower Pool

Bath and Shower Pool:

This unique pool design incorporates a bath and shower. It lets you enjoy a shower right from inside the pool.

If you love the idea of water falling on you then this is the right pool design for you.

Tuscan Swimming Pools:

A Tuscan pool evokes the feeling of the old world. Incorporating the historical design elements of Italy, Greece, and Spain, these pools exude elegance.

It needs more detailed work than other pool designs. Design elements such as natural stones, pavers, and glass tiles are used for Tuscan-themed pools.

Tuscan Swimming Pools
Sunken Bathtub

Sunken Bathtub:

This is like a pool in your bathroom. For those with limited or no backyard space, the sunken bathtub is ideal. It brings down the risk of slipping over the edge.

Pool With Waterfalls:

This fabulous design incorporates artificial stone walls to create natural waterfalls. It not only looks captivating but also natural.

If you love the idea of swimming amid natural surroundings then a pool with waterfalls is right for you.

Pool With Waterfalls

Moving Pool Floor:

With this pool design, you can get access to a pool that transforms into an empty space for partying or even performing yoga. It makes room for a space that transforms seamlessly.

With this high-end domestic pool design, you save space in style. Everyone will be awed at your pool’s design.

Pool with Skylights:

This is an indoor pool design idea for modern interiors. For those who would love to go for enclosed swimming pools, a pool with skylights is what they could ask for.

Pool with Skylights
Geometric Pools

Geometric Pools:

These are the artistic pools mostly designed with a rectangular shape but can also incorporate the use of other shapes such as squares, circles, and triangles.

These pool designs are chosen by those who prefer contemporary or formal backyard settings for their pool.

Glass Pool:

As the name suggests, in this type of pool glass is used. The border of the pool is made using glass. Simply put, the pool is surrounded by glass walls.

Glass Pool
Glass Tile Swimming Pools

Glass Tile Swimming Pools:

Glass tiles when installed properly add immense beauty to the pool. You can choose from various types of glass tiles based on shapes, colors, and finishes.

There are a number of ways in which glass tile finishes can increase the beauty of your pool design. You can go for traditional, modern, or natural setting.

Gunite Pool:

Gunite pools eliminate the need for a wooden framework to hold the shape of the basin. Instead, they use a rebar framework that is sprayed over a concrete and sand mixture.

With these custom-designed pools, you get a lot of flexibility to add amenities.

Gunite pool
Infinity Pools

Infinity Pools:

This swimming pool design involves the positioning of the pool in a way that makes the pool look like a part of the surrounding landscape.

Though used popularly by lodges and resorts, you can include it in your backyard; all you will need is a professional pool designer to merge it perfectly into your existing landscape.

Pools with Tanning Ledge:

Pools designed with a tanning shelf or ledge provide you the luxury of tanning along with swimming. This leaves space for baking in the sun or an area for young children to play.

Pools with Tanning Ledge
Pool with slides

Pool With Slides:

For adding fun to your pool time, you can go for a pool with slides. It will also be an added benefit for kids as they will have a gala time.

With such pool designs in Toronto, you can also blend the waterfall to make it look more versatile.

Pools With Fireplace:

Fire plus water- Sounds interesting. For a unique pool design, you can integrate a fireplace into or around your pool.

This pool design is perfect for outdoor entertainment and makes the surroundings look exotic.

Pools with Fireplace

Pool With Bridge:

This type of pool design incorporates the construction of a bridge across the pool. It makes your pool stand out while giving you the privilege to spend some good time, with your friends, above water.

Bridges can be interesting if incorporated in a pool with a large area. However, if you have a limited space and like this idea then professional pool designers, such as Luxury Pools, can help you out.

Halfsie Pool:

If you have a backyard with an uneven slope then this pool is the right one for you. This pool design combines the concepts of in-ground and above-ground pools.

Halfsie Pool
Pool with island platforms

Pool With Island Platforms:

To take your pool party to the next level, using this pool design is the perfect idea. With such platforms in place, it will be easy to teach swimming to your kids.

Relax, dine, and entertain your guests on these platforms.

Terrace Pools:

If you haven’t got enough space in your backyard or wish to view the world while swimming then you can go for a terrace pool.

A number of small-spaced apartments use this pool design idea.

Terrace Pools
High Above-Ground Pools

High Above-Ground Pools:

This type of pool design takes the concept of above above-ground pool to a whole new level. It depicts luxury at its ultimate.

Roman Shaped Pools:

Roman, also known as Grecian, pools, can easily be recognized as the round ends are joined together with a rectangular shape. They are common in homes with similar architectural setups.

Roman Shaped Pools
Swimming pool with cover

Swimming Pool With Cover:

While this cannot be categorized as a pool design, this type of pool definitely helps the pool owner keep the pool water from getting dirty, especially during stormy weather.

Going for automatic covers is one of the best options to keep the pool clean when not in use.

Walled Pool:

Even if you don’t have a backyard, you can enjoy the luxury of owning a pool. With this pool design idea, you can have a pool constructed at any edge of your home.

Walled Pool
Pool with large entrance steps

Pool With Large Entrance Steps:

Pool designs with large entrance steps are getting popular these days. The steps are usually built inside the pool. You can also go for separate ladder attachments.

Pool With Multiple Alcoves:

If you have a very large space dedicated to the swimming area then you can go for this pool design.

To make it clear this pool design incorporates a pool within a pool.

When it comes to pool designs, the list is limited only by imagination. You can always blend two ideas to create a unique pool for your backyard. Even if you have limited backyard space, by choosing the right design or getting a custom pool designed you can transform your dreams into reality.

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