How Much Does an Inground Pool Cost in Toronto

Who doesn’t love having their swimming pool in their backyard? As soon as the summer months start approaching, people begin looking at ways to cool off during the warmest time of the year. Pools have enjoyed much popularity, but to avoid the crowds, people have increasingly opted to have pools built in their homes. They are an important value addition to properties and a source of leisure and enjoyment for the whole family and friends.

Having a pool indoors is a sign of luxury and can boost the landscape of any property, but the demand for inground pools keeps rising more than above-ground pools. Even though the above-ground ones are cheaper and easier to create, inground pools are gaining more attention everywhere for their seamless look that blends with the landscape to maintain uniformity and an overall aesthetic appeal. Today, let us address the big question: How much does an inground pool cost and is it an option you should be opting for in your home?

What is the Cost of Building an Inground Pool in Toronto

Naturally, those with the resources and the space to have a backyard pool frequently ask how much does an inground pool cost? To easily answer the question would be next to impossible as several factors affect the total cost of an in-ground pool, like the shape of the pool, size, materials used to build the pool, labour charges, licensing fees depending on your locality, etc. So your best hope for an accurate estimate is to contact at least 2-3 contractors and obtain their prices. DIY options also exist for people looking to cut down on the overall cost and have the skill to build things by themselves. But, building a pool is a sizeable investment, and there are chances of many things going wrong while doing it yourself, so it’s highly recommended to leave the building and installation of pools to professionals.

One of the significant aspects plaguing the question of how much an inground pool cost is an expense related to the construction material of the pool itself. Depending on what you opt for, the cost of your pool may vary. These materials are the most popular choice when it comes to inground pools.

  1. Vinyl
  2. Concrete/Gunite
  3. Fiberglass

The cheapest option among the above three is vinyl, followed by concrete and fibreglass. Each of these materials has its pros and cons and varying maintenance requirements, which are essential to consider while deciding on a pool material and answering the question, how much does an inground pool cost? Regardless of what you pick, you will have to periodically keep spending money to keep the pool clean and functioning smoothly.

  • Vinyl

The upfront cost of vinyl liner pool construction and installation is lower than the other types. It helps to note that the overall maintenance costs may increase if you do not follow a proper upkeep schedule. Also, they have a considerably shorter lifetime than concrete or fibreglass pools.

  • Concrete

Although the initial cost of building a concrete pool is high, the longevity is more, making it worth the investment. Also, concrete is more aesthetically pleasing and an excellent option for most residential properties with plenty of space.

  • Fiberglass

Fibreglass comes at a high upfront cost but compensates for it by requiring minimum maintenance. Fibreglass also has high durability and can easily last a couple of decades. Their smooth surfaces also inhibit algae formation and hence, have a minimum requirement of chemicals. One of their most significant advantages is the short installation time, as they are shipped directly as a complete structure and only require installation.

All other costs like filters, heaters, accessories, and landscaping remain the same for all pools and depend on your locality. So it is best to get your pool architect to estimate how much an inground pool costs according to your specifications.

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