swimming pool colour

Great Ways to Add Colour to Your Swimming Pool

Swimming pools personify fun. From the bustle in parties to the relaxation in solitude, they are well-suited for every mood.

Since, most pools are designed to be the focal point, choosing the right hue for them is a major decision for every house owner. Adding the right shade to your swimming pool can greatly influence the mood you’d like to set. Furthermore, it enhances the overall appeal. To help you add colour to your swimming pool, we bring to you a set of tips you can follow.

Above Ground Swimming Pools

What Should You Know About Above Ground Swimming Pools?

In hot summers, all you desire is a swimming pool in the backyard of your house. You can have two types – in-ground and above ground pools. The concept of having an above-ground swimming pool started in early 1930s. Back then, only the rich could afford a pool in the backyard, but today, you dream it and you have it. Every year some new change comes up with either the design or the technology used – making the product even better.


swimming pool installation

What is the Best Time of Year for Swimming Pool Installation?

Swimming pool is a dream plan for a lot of us who want a little happening and cool backyard. However, it needs a lot of planning and guidance. The best time to install a pool can be different for everyone. It actually depends on your schedule and availability. However, if you ask experts about the best time to install a swimming pool, most of them would suggest FALL. Yes, this is offseason for a pool to be installed but that’s the idea. Labour and material cost is expected to come down during this time of the year besides other seasonal benefits.