Swimming pools are an excellent value-addition to any property. Plus, the fun of having a private pool when you desperately need some respite from the scorching heat of the summer is the dream of many people. Swimming pools add a focal point in your backyard, where you can entertain friends and family or relax and enjoy.

Are you considering having a pool in your backyard and wondering how much does it cost to build a pool?

Read on to find out!

Building and installing a pool involves a significant investment for most homeowners. It helps to be well aware of the various costs of building and installing a pool along with the periodic maintenance charges. Since, they come in various shapes, sizes, and types, the cost of building a pool depends on what kind of pool you want to have.

There are Two Main Types of Pools:

  • Above-Ground Pools
  • In-Ground Pools

There is a big difference in the costs of building these two types of pools. Above-ground pools cost significantly lesser than their in-ground equivalent. Since in-ground pools require quite a lot of excavation and finishing after installation, their cost tends to be much higher than above-ground pools, which don’t require much construction or excavation work.

Types of In-Ground Pools

In-ground pools come with a variety of options in terms of the materials from which they are made. Most popular in-ground pool materials are concrete, vinyl, and fibreglass. The building and installation cost, as well as the maintenance cost for each of these materials, differ.

  • The least inexpensive option among these three is the vinyl pools.
  • If you opt for a fibreglass pool, the overall cost may increase slightly.
  • Then, there are concrete pools that take more time to install and build than the other two options, which is why they tend to cost more than vinyl and fibreglass swimming pools.
  • Gunite, a method used to apply concrete for building a pool, is also an option, but the cost will be at the higher end of building concrete pools.

Reasons Why DIY Pool Installation is Not a Wise Idea

For those looking to save a few thousand dollars, DIY pool installation is a viable option but at the cost of added efforts and a chance of messing up the installation. Some swimming pool building companies offer DIY kits, which are claimed to be easy to install and set up. However, considering the significant amount of investment it requires, it is advisable to hire professional pool builders for the installation and setting up of the pool.

Additional Costs of Building a Pool

The most obvious additional costs of building a pool are the surrounding patio construction for in-ground pools and fencing, depending on the regulations in your area. Cleaning and maintenance costs, along with the costs of additional equipment like ladders, pumps, handrails, filters, and more, should also be considered for both types of pools. In-ground and above ground pools will require periodic maintenance and cleaning. They will also require filters and pumps to circulate and filter the water continuously.

If you want a heating solution for your pool, you will also have to consider the cost of a pool heater and its subsequent electricity consumption. Instead, you could opt for the initially expensive solar heater and forget about electricity costs.

There are numerous options when it comes to the accessories and landscaping for your pool, depending on your budget and requirements. All of these costs will add to the overall installation costs of the pool and hence, must be considered and calculated beforehand so that you don’t get surprised when the total bill comes and blows your budget out of the water.

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