About the Project:

Set in Woodbridge, this client was looking for a very clean, modern swimming pool and backyard landscape. To keep with the architecture of the house and not create too much contrast, a textured stone was selected. This enabled a very modern / contemporary design to be toned down and suited to the clients’ needs.


Site Challenges and Solutions:

  • The small backyard layout of this project forced the designer to find the right size pool to fit the space, while also providing enough space for a patio and garden space.

  • City by laws gave the pool placement much less leeway and forced a tight fit

  • Drainage issues were solved with a miniscule swale in the middle of the patio with river stone at the edge of the patio.


Special Features:

  • Vinyl swimming pool

  • Custom water feature wall

  • Granite pool coping

  • Modern patio with fire pit

  • Front yard mortared flagstone