About the Project:

Built in a newer sub-division in Newmarket, the goal of this project was to create a space for our client’s family to enjoy together. They wanted a space where there house was known as “THE HOUSE TO BE AT”. They needed a space for entertaining their kids and friends, and at the same time having a space for the adults to retreat to. Clean lines shown with a simple, yet elegant design with some accent pieces like a natural stone wall and staircase was important to break it up and give the project some character. Having an outdoor fireplace was an important part of the design given our client’s request that their lifestyle entailed evening and night time entertaining.


Site Challenges and Solutions:

  • Grading / slope issues enabled us to divide the area creatively. We designed the upper section as the main “play and pool” area and the lower section as a secluded getaway for the adults.

  • Having the septic tank so close the project made the design challenging but the gardens were designed to conceal the tank, whilst allowing for septic systems to stay intact and functioning

  • Being a new house in a new sub-division created a lot of issues with the sub grade due to the ground being very soft and unstable. We had to create a deeper base than usual and constantly amend the soil conditions using a combination of Portland cement, lime powder and ¾” clear gravel. The result was a solid base for the stone that would have longevity despite weather conditions and instability of the subgrade.


Special Features:

  • Swimming pool

  • Outdoor fire place

  • Large 2 tiered armor stone wall

  • Pool cabana

  • Oversized driveway

  • Natural random flagstone stair case