About the Project:

For a couple years the Thornhill country club had been planning to do a large landscape renovation with a pool and patio for the member’s to use and enjoy. Land-Con was selected as one of the main contractors to help with the installation of various parts of this project. Various sitting spaces, gardens and a fun splash pad were installed in the space. The total value of this job was estimated at approx. $600,000 – $700,000, Land-con’s part was a total of approx. $190,000.


Site Challenges and Solutions:

  • Subgrade issues were amended with techniques taught through ICPI and other associations

  • Grading issues due to codes and by laws regarding drainage near a pool were solved with various drain systems and slopes


Special Features:

  • Pool (by other)

  • splash pad

  • planting

  • walls

  • large flagstone patio with intricate inlay design

  • Outdoor shower

  • Underground drainage system to collect over spill from the “zero edge pool”