About the Project:

In the embrace of a ravine-backed property, a canvas of grass awaited transformation into a breathtaking front and back haven. The clients’ primary wish was a diverse landscape designed for entertainment. What ensued was a meticulous design and build project that left no corner untouched.

Responding to their desire, we elevated the backyard with a waterproofed composite decking above the walkout basement. Underneath, a cozy sitting area emerged beneath a thoughtfully designed ceiling adorned with pot lights and a feature wall hosting an outdoor TV.

The heart of the transformation came in the form of a large L-shaped vinyl liner pool, 18’x36’, embellished with a captivating waterfall and special lighting, all harmoniously surrounded by carefully curated gardens. A separate lookout deck, nestled at the rear of the property, provided a serene perch around a firepit—a perfect vantage point to relish the view.

In the front, we laid the groundwork for a grand entrance. A new stone driveway, complemented by a concrete and cladded front walkway, set the stage for an exquisite feature wall in natural stone.

Challenges woven into the project narrative included navigating a lengthy journey from the front to the back, conquering steep inclines, securing permits from conservation authorities, and overcoming soft ground during excavation. A second-story deck above the walkout basement demanded structural ingenuity, and reinforcing walls became a prerequisite before crafting the swimming pool with concrete blocks and footings.

Special features added a signature touch to this masterpiece. A one-of-a-kind custom waterfall crafted from the innovative material Corian adorned the landscape, extending its presence to a captivating feature wall. The L-shaped pool, a design marvel, ensured that the tanning ledge and entry didn’t compromise the pool’s length, while a back raised lookout deck perched atop the hill provided an elevated oasis with a firepit and seating—a testament to the project’s thoughtful design and meticulous execution.