Pool Landscaping Ideas To Improve Your Pool Area

The weather has begun to cool down; the air is a bit chilly, and the leaves are starting to fall, which means your swimming season is heading toward a close. But do not worry; this season is perfect for all your landscape design projects. Well, if you are planning to enhance the look of your pool area, here are some ideas that will work for you.

Work With Lighting

Lighting can improve the look of any space, and that principle applies to your pool area as well. Depending on what kind of lighting you choose, it can set a mood and bring forth the ambiance of the area. Some great pool landscaping ideas with lighting include the usage of uplighting and downlighting. Uplighting and downlighting allow you to showcase certain features of your backyard. These lights also interest the flower beds, bushes, trees, or any particular architectural aspects. The lighting also provides luxury and safety by illuminating the pathways.

More Water

If you want to add that little bit of flair to your pool area, then this pool landscaping idea is the best for you. Adding a water feature brings out the personality the space has been missing. You can choose to go simple or extravagant, depending on your preferences. Some popular water features are waterfalls, deck jets, fountains, rain curtains and more. They add a level of charm to the space and create a spa-like feel, allowing you to relax more.

Opt For Stone Pavers

Stone pavers, especially the non-stick kind, are the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. When selecting stone pavers, ensure that it blends seamlessly with your garden or backyard stone and also work harmoniously with the pool. You should also take a moment to select stone pavers whose colours match or compliment the colours of your house or backyard. Keep in mind that since these will be installed in an area that receives quite a lot of water, getting non-slip pavers is a must.

Pergola By The Pool

Adding a pergola to your poolside area is the perfect way to improve your landscape. Pergolas add structure with the help of trellises and a Mediterranean aesthetic to the space, making it look luxurious. It also has a lot of functionality, as pergolas are ideal when you want to escape the sun and need shade and rest. Pergolas are also great for entertaining friends, family and guests.

Depending on your style and the aesthetic of your house, you can go either way with pergolas. You can either have a simplistic, minimal look or add a more natural feel. Plants, creepers, and vines can be added to blend the pergola into your backyard seamlessly.

Recreate The Tropics

When discussing pool landscape designs, adding plants is one of the simplest yet most effective things you can do. Plants add variety and colour and create a more vibrant surrounding. Some fragrant plants can also eliminate the smell of chlorinated pool water, making the space enjoyable.

Add Privacy

No matter where we live, prying eyes and nosy neighbours never tend to go away. For those situations, this pool landscaping idea is perfect. If you want to have a swim, relaxed and stress-free, you must consider installing a privacy screen. These privacy walls can easily be created with greenery, which ensures that your landscape has a pleasing view. You can also work with existing fences and trellises, adding extra privacy along with some shade. Ivy plants and deciduous hedges are great for these purposes.

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